Godrej Sunrise Estate Possession Date

Godrej Sunrise Estate Possession Date marks a significant milestone for prospective homeowners and investors alike. Located in the bustling region of Oragadam, Chennai, this flagship project by Godrej Properties is set to redefine luxury living with its meticulously planned development. The project spans a vast 62 acres and boasts Tamil Nadu RERA and DTCP approval, ensuring compliance with the highest standards of quality and safety. With the possession date firmly set for September 2024, Godrej Sunrise Estate promises a timely and structured handover of properties, bringing dreams of owning a plot in this prestigious estate one step closer to reality.

Godrej Sunrise Estate Possession Date

This grand project, launched in 2023, offers a diverse range of plot sizes to cater to varying needs and preferences. Whether you are looking for a compact 600 square feet plot or a more expansive 2400 square feet space, Godrej Sunrise Estate has something to suit everyone. The intermediate plot sizes of 1500, 1800, and 2000 square feet further enhance the flexibility in choices available to potential buyers. The launch offer, starting from an attractive price point of INR 18 Lakhs, has garnered significant interest, making this development a hotspot for real estate enthusiasts.

Strategically located near the Oragadam Industrial Area, Godrej Sunrise Estate is not just about residential plots but also about the promise of a thriving community. The proximity to the industrial hub ensures that the estate is well-connected and provides ample employment opportunities, thereby enhancing the overall appeal of living in this area. The possession date of September 2024 aligns perfectly with the timeline for infrastructure development in the region, ensuring that residents can enjoy well-established amenities and facilities upon moving in.

The RERA registration number TN/01/Layout/3492/2023 is a testament to the project’s adherence to regulatory requirements, providing an added layer of security for investors. Securing this approval is pivotal in upholding transparency and trust, fundamental to thriving real estate endeavours. With Godrej Properties leading the way, investors can confidently expect superior quality and unwavering reliability in their investments.

As the Godrej Sunrise Estate possession date approaches, anticipation and excitement build among those who have already secured their plots. The under-development status of the project indicates that construction and infrastructure work is in full swing, aiming to meet the promised possession timeline. Godrej Properties’ reputation for timely delivery and excellence in construction further bolsters confidence in the scheduled possession date.

In addition to the practical aspects of purchasing a plot in Godrej Sunrise Estate, the lifestyle benefits are equally compelling. The expansive green spaces, thoughtfully designed layouts, and state-of-the-art amenities promise a harmonious blend of nature and modern living. Future residents can look forward to a serene and well-planned environment, making it an ideal choice for families, professionals, and retirees alike.

Moreover, the possession date of September 2024 provides ample time for prospective buyers to plan their finances and make necessary arrangements for a smooth transition into their new homes. The phased development approach ensures that all necessary infrastructure, including roads, water supply, and electricity, will be in place by the time of possession, offering a hassle-free move-in experience.

Possession Date

The term “possession date” in residential real estate refers to the specific date on which a builder or developer officially hands over the property to the buyer, making it ready for occupancy. This date signifies the culmination of the construction and development process, ensuring that all promised amenities and infrastructure are in place. For a project like Godrej Sunrise Estate, the possession date is a critical milestone, marking September 2024 as the time when buyers can expect to take ownership of their plots in this meticulously planned development by Godrej Properties.

Importance of Godrej Sunrise Estate Possession Date

The Godrej Sunrise Estate possession date holds immense importance for customers for several reasons. First and foremost, it provides a clear timeline for when they can expect to move into their new homes or commence construction on their plots. This is particularly crucial for those who are planning their finances, arranging for housing loans, or selling their current properties in anticipation of relocating. Knowing the possession date helps buyers manage these logistics effectively, reducing uncertainty and enabling better planning.

Moreover, this possession date serves as a commitment from the builder, ensuring that the project is delivered as promised. This assurance is vital in building trust between the developer and the buyers. For instance, Godrej Properties, with its reputation for reliability, underscores this commitment with the possession date for Godrej Sunrise Estate, assuring buyers that the plots will be ready for ownership by September 2024. This transparency is further supported by the project’s adherence to Tamil Nadu RERA and DTCP regulations, with the RERA registration number TN/01/Layout/3492/2023 providing an added layer of security.

Additionally, this possession date impacts the financial planning of buyers. Many financial institutions tie the disbursement of home loans to the possession date, and buyers often plan their finances around this milestone. For investors, a well-defined possession date enables them to forecast potential returns on investment, rental income, and other financial benefits associated with property ownership. The attractive launch offer price starting from INR 18 Lakhs for plots at Godrej Sunrise Estate makes this an enticing opportunity, further enhanced by the clear possession timeline.

For builders, this possession date is equally significant. It represents the fulfilment of their contractual obligations and the culmination of their efforts in planning, constructing, and marketing the project. A timely possession date enhances the builder’s reputation and credibility in the market, which is crucial for future projects. For Godrej Properties, successfully meeting the possession date for Godrej Sunrise Estate strengthens their standing as a reliable and trustworthy developer, attracting more buyers and investors for their upcoming ventures.

Moreover, this possession date helps builders manage their cash flow and project timelines effectively. Meeting this deadline ensures that final payments from buyers are received on time, which is crucial for the financial health of the development company. It also helps in freeing up resources, both financial and human, for new projects. The development of Godrej Sunrise Estate, with its 1000 plots of varying sizes, from 600 square feet to 2400 square feet, demonstrates a significant investment in planning and resources, which is validated upon successful possession.


So, this possession date is a crucial element that underscores the commitment and reliability of the builder while providing clarity and security for buyers. It facilitates better financial planning, enhances trust, and ensures a smooth transition into property ownership. For both customers and builders, adhering to the possession date is a testament to the successful realization of their investment and efforts.

In conclusion, the Godrej Sunrise Estates possession date of September 2024 is more than just a deadline; it is the beginning of a new chapter for many who aspire to be part of this prestigious community. The strategic location, diverse plot sizes, attractive pricing, and the promise of a well-developed living environment make this project a highly desirable investment. With the backing of Godrej Properties and the regulatory assurances of Tamil Nadu RERA and DTCP approval, buyers can look forward to a future that is secure, prosperous, and fulfilling. Whether you’re an investor in search of a lucrative opportunity or a prospective homeowner pursuing the perfect plot, Godrej Sunrise Estates promises to fulfil your aspirations. This premier development guarantees excellence in both investment potential and dream home prospects.

FAQ’s - Frequently Asked Questions

The possession date for Godrej Sunrise Estate plotted development project is set for September 2024.

The price for plots at Godrej Sunrise Estate starts from INR 18 Lakhs onwards.